Dog Fouling - Clean Up After Your Dog

Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling - Clean Up After Your Dog

Dog Fouling is a nasty problem, especially in crowded neighborhoods and parks. In many places like the United Kingdom it is illegal to let your dog foul without cleaning it up. When dog fouling happens it is easy for disease to be spread. Someone can step on the dog droppings, walk home and into their house, and they have transmitted whatever bacteria that was in the dog doo into their home.

So what can you do to stop Dog Fouling? You can simply clean up after your dog when he fouls. Carry around some bags with you to help keep a clean neighborhood and parks.

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If you see someone elses dog fouling, let them know that it is really important to clean up after their dog. If you dont speak up, things will never change.

We hope you understand the problems with Dog Fouling and that you will do your part to prevent it going forward. Here are some products that we recommend that will make it easier for you to clean up your dogs mess.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags
Find dog poop bags that will break down and decompose. Help protect the environment.

Mutt Mitts dog clean up bags provide a clean and sanitary way for you to pick up your dogs poop and dont cause problems for the environment. These bags are thick enough (2 ply) that it is easy to pick up the droppings and perhaps more importantly they are safe for the environment. Plus they reduce the smell making the rest of your walk more convenient.

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